As part of its fundraising drive, 141 Foundations is excited to announce its partnership with Mario’s Pizza in hosting a “Pizza-Que”. This is an amazing opportunity for future volunteers, the public and other stakeholders to be exposed to the mission and work of the 141 Foundations. It is also an opportunity for the Foundation to increase its reach and visibility, and to encourage the spirit of charity while supporting a noteworthy cause.

In this venture, tickets for the Mario’s pizza-que are sold to the organisation, who sells them back to the public. For every ticket sold and redeemed, the Foundation earns a portion of the full price. Tickets are redeemable for a mini Mario’s Pizza with one topping of your choice and a 16oz soft drink. The pizza-que will run for a period of 3 months, after which profits are calculated and disbursed to the Foundation. To learn more about the pizza-que, please call 466-0141, and to learn more about the Foundation, visit

We are thrilled at the prospect of growing our volunteer base and connecting with the wider public through this endeavour. We welcome your support in this project, and in helping the #OrangeArmy create smiles throughout Trinidad & Tobago!


Contact them @ 1-868-225-KING (5464)


Visit any of their locations  @