Elements and Objectives of 141

The 141 Foundations adopted a multifaceted approach to alleviate destitution with the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. We are of the staunch belief that the youth are the best advocates change.

141 Responsibilities:

  • To ensure well advised use of all assets, including monies, volunteers and sponsors.
  • To promote activities that advance the foundations’ effectiveness and sustainability..
  • To make decisions in the best interest of the 141 Foundations.
  • To ensure that the 141 Foundations obey applicable laws in accordance with ethical
    practices and it fulfills its stated vision, values and mission.

141 Objectives:

  • To facilitate unification in the deliverance of relief by promoting nationwide cooperation.
  • Observing the islands destitution levels and rendering assistance feasibly.
  • Coordinating activities that make giving/volunteering appealing to youth.
  • Assisting citizens experiencing social injustices, poverty and homelessness.