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Animals Alive is a non profit, non governmental, no-kill organization committed, through service, to the humane treatment of animals. In a maturing society, we must take responsibility for displaced and unwanted animals since we are directly or indirectly responsible for their plights. It is only when homeless or abused animals can be free from the threat of unnecessary suffering and destruction, that we can feel truly proud as a society as we would have acted positively for those who cannot represent themselves. We believe that all animals have a right to a comfortable life and should be treated with respect and allowed to die with dignity when life cannot be preserved by any known means. We have already begun to improve the plight of many animals through the interventions of education, subsidized vet care (spay and neuter programme), re-homing and support services.

We have set up a sanctuary at Ralph Narine Trace, South Oropouche where homeless, abandoned and rescued animals can be housed, treated, rehabilitated, re-homed or kept to live out their lives with dignity. Every effort will be made to re-settle these animals into safe and loving domestic situations or returned to a safe, natural habitat. Other pet care services are also offered like dog washing, grooming and boarding.

The spay and neuter programme will be sustained at all times because this is one sure way to reduce the unwanted animal population. Each member of the organization volunteers his/her time and talents and shares a compassion for animals. We will make a difference in sensitizing and educating our society as we raise the bar for the humane treatment of animals

With your support Animals Alive can make a difference in the lives of many needy animals.


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