Our History

A brief history of the 141 Foundations (February 2015 – August 2015)

141 Foundations: Who, What, When and Why? With an innate propensity for philanthropy and humanitarianism, Mr. Stefan Jugmohan, our current President, recognized a need to improve and contribute to society’s dilemma of social injustices, homelessness and poverty. It was his vision to coalesce youths and young adults to provide an unremitting aid to society’s less fortunate which translates well into an organization where persons from any generation are invited to contribute to our objective. Mr. Jugmohan’s opinion that the acerbic sight of negligence and disregard for humans we consider “brothers and sisters” according to our National Anthem propelled him to cease waiting for someone else to do something, and so inaugurated the 141 Foundations, one smile for one homeless.

On February 2nd 2015 The 141 Homeless Foundation was registered as a non-profit organization. The foundation was created to alleviate the plight faced by impoverished individuals in Trinidad and Tobago whilst positively impacting their lives. In July 2015 it was noticed that the organization had established an efficient system of relief administration and the decision was made to expand our assistance. This realization birthed the “141 Foundations”. The foundations include:

  • The 141 Homeless Foundation
  • The 141 Less Fortunate Foundation
  • The 141 Underprivileged Kids Foundation
  • The 141 Animal Foundation

Under this umbrella of foundations, we can boast of having a total of six-hundred and ten (610) registered volunteers comprising of professionals from all walks of life with an average attendance of eighty-five (85) volunteers at our weekly charity events on the Harris Promenade.

141 Foundations: How? A simple process of administration and delegation (as follows) allows us to acquire the tools to achieve our goals and objectives: Board of Directors > Executive Directors > Organization Managers > Administration. Similar to the United States government, our organization operates in a systematic flow of delegation. Future planning and decisions are manifested between the Board of Directors and then cycled through our chain of command. Undoubtedly, such flow is impossible without illustrious leaders. As a result, we firmly believe that the process of electing a new leader should be stringent and precise.

Sponsors are dealt with, only by the Board of Directors and a few Executive Directors in order to enact professionalism, integrity and loyalty with future dedicated partners of the organization. As a result, we want our partners to acknowledge that we are sincere in what we do and our directors are trained to substantiate our objective. Fundraisers are only performed for pernicious situations and on an individual basis because our partners provide all the necessities we need to perform our weekly missions. As a result, if we screen a situation and it is severe, we will indeed execute a fundraiser for said situation once approved by the Board of Directors. The public can request us to execute a fundraiser for a specific cause by relaying the information to our Secretary or Public Relations Officer.

141 Foundations: ‘So What?’ You may be asking yourself: What have we done thus far? Have we made a difference? Success in our organization is inevitable because our team’s DNA is indefatigable. We would like to share two (of the many) success stories of the Foundation thus far:

Success Story 1

TJ Ali was diagnosed with a rare disease, Cerebral Palsy and all hope seemed slim to his mother who contacted us for assistance. TJ needed immediate treatment in Canada and she did not fulfill the required financial quota for the treatment. As a result, the 141 Organization decided to alleviate the situation and executed a Mall Awareness for TJ Ali. Fortunately, with the aid of funds acquired from the mall event and cruise, Vanessa’s son is currently in Ontario, Canada for his treatment for Cerebral Palsy.

Success Story 2

Our Vice-President decided that we should have a BBQ Fundraiser to provide books and supplies to less fortunate children. Fortunately, due to a successful fundraiser, we were able to provide book bags filled with books and supplies to 19 less fortunate children within the San Fernando community.